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Our Mission

The Chocó Project wishes to find long-term solutions to the problems of environmental degradation and economic instability that coexist in the NW Chocoan rainforests of Ecuador. The economic and social empowerment of the local people is imperative if we want to protect the biodiversity of the region.   

Our Vision

The Chocó Project believes in zero extinction and in the social and economic empowerment of cacao producers through fair and ethical trade. We can save the brown-headed spider monkeys and develop the culture of a high quality Arriba cacao to reduce human impact on the rainforest.        

By supporting us, you will allow the inhabitants of Tesoro Escondido seek better livelihoods. And most importantly, they will become conservation advocates by  protecting the biodiversity of the Chocoan rainforest and rescuing the brown-headed spider monkey from the brink of extinction.

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